Lot 2598: Walther ‘ac/41’ Code P38 with Matching Magazine

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World War II Nazi pistols handed in to police during amnesty in the West Country

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The Walther P38 also known as a Pistole 38 is a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol that was developed by Walther arms as the service pistol of the Wehrmacht shortly before World War II. It was intended to replace the costly Luger P08 , the production of which was scheduled to end in The first designs submitted to the Heer German Army featured a locked breech and a hidden hammer, but the Heer requested that it be redesigned with an external hammer.

The production relationship between the HP and the almost simultaneous P38 Pistole is unclear and quite confused. The P38 concept was accepted by the German military in but production of actual prototype “Test” pistols did not begin until late Walther began manufacture at their plant in Zella-Mehlis and produced three series of “Test” pistols, designated by a “0” prefix to the serial number.

The third series pistols satisfactorily solved the previous problems for the Heer and mass production began in mid Early P38s were almost identical to the HP which continued to be produced for “commercial sales,” i. The major differences were different slide markings, an external extractor, the HP’s rectangular firing pin was replaced by one with a round tip, a different configuration for the locking lever and slide stop lever on the left side, and a re-configuration of the grip panels.

Several experimental versions were later created in. From an engineering perspective the P38 was a semi-automatic pistol design that introduced technical features that are found in other, later, semi-automatic pistols like the Beretta 92 and its M9 sub-variant adopted by the United States military. The shooter could chamber a round, use the de-cocking lever to safely lower the hammer without firing the round, and carry the weapon loaded.

How to Identify a Walther P38

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Second, Walther built a new factory in the West German town of Ulm on the The Mauser produced SVW 45 and 46 date codes have a gray.

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Walther P We’re having trouble dating this. Any advice?

The cookie settings on this website are set to ‘allow all cookies’ to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Fixed sights. Un-numbered magazine. Very light muzzle, edge and grip wear. Bore is bright with a light frost in Finish thinning a bit on front grip strap.

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This included twin recoil springs housed on either side of the slide and a pivoting locking block on a fixed barrel. Compared to the complex toggle action of the Luger , the Walther P was simple and reliable. Often seen as second-fiddle to the Luger by collectors, the design of the P was much more advanced than the pistol it was meant to replace. Adopted in after a two-year prototype period, the first standard military Ps were only put into production in October Using a 5-inch barrel, an 8-shot detachable magazine, composite grips slotted around a lanyard attachment, and fixed sights, the pistol proved popular with the German military and was soon in production by not only Walther but Mauser and Spreewerk as well.

The serial number dates to about June , which coincides with the fall of Tobruk in North Africa.

Walther P1 serial Numbers Curio and Relic (C&R) I”ve got no clue. I don’t know if the date on the slide is original to the frame or what. I don’t know if they My p38 is stamped with last three of a mismatched sn. Skin Doctor.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are applicable to you. All rights reserved. The P38 was specifically developed to be the service pistol of Hitler’s Wehrmacht, but was discontinued when the Nazis lost the war in The Dreyse M was developed late in the Second World War, and police have not given any further details about its owner or previous circumstances. A total of weapons have been handed over to police so far, and officers are keen to remind the public that they have until Sunday to hand their weapons in.

You will not be prosecuted for possession and you could save a life. More than firearms have been handed in so far during our two-week surrender campaign that started on Monday 13 November.

Walther P38 Spreewerk CYQ Pistol 1942 9MM

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The World of German P-38 : Walther, Mauser, Spreewerk and Otherwise

The Walther P38 originally written Walther P. It was intended to replace the costly Luger P08 , the production of which was scheduled to end in The first designs submitted to the German Army featured a locked breech and a hidden hammer, but the Heer German Army requested that it be redesigned with an external hammer. The P38 concept was accepted by the German military in but production of prototype “Test” pistols did not begin until late

The Walther P38 and Dreyse M were among weapons handed in during a surrender campaign by Avon and Somerset police, which.

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Walther p38 dating

Designed by Fritz Walther, Walther pistols were well-designed, reliable 9-mm firearms that were cheaper to produce than the Luger P Although Walther designed and manufactured the P38, Mauser and Spreewerke also produced them to keep up with wartime demand. Production of the P38 ended with the war.

Description: This is a stunning numbers matching Walther P38 done in nickel diamond pattern with gold accents. The serial number of this pistol is z dating.

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Walther P38 Development