Himalayan glaciers experienced significant mass loss during later phases of little ice age

Prado, Renato A. Castilho, Oliver L. Killeen, Beatriz S. Demarchi, Ted R. Laurance, Lorena M. Duivenvoorden, Hugo F. Baker, Tinde R. Amazonian forests are extraordinarily diverse, but the estimated species richness is very much debated. Here, we apply an ensemble of parametric estimators and a novel technique that includes conspecific spatial aggregation to an extended database of forest plots with up-to-date taxonomy. We show that the species abundance distribution of Amazonia is best approximated by a logseries with aggregated individuals, where aggregation increases with rarity.

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Cite This Article. In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, these infections occurred primarily among healthcare workers and patients. To identify and describe epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of persons with healthcare-associated infection, we reviewed laboratory-confirmed MERS-CoV cases reported to the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi during January 1, —May 9, Epidemiologic and genetic sequencing findings suggest that 3 healthcare clusters of MERS-CoV infection occurred, including 1 that resulted in 20 infected persons in 1 hospital.

MERS-CoV in healthcare settings spread predominantly before MERS-CoV infection was diagnosed, underscoring the importance of increasing awareness and infection control measures at first points of entry to healthcare facilities. Epidemiologic aspects of this virus remain poorly defined, but human-to-human transmission of MERS-CoV in healthcare facilities is recognized as a means of spreading infection 1 — 7.

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The study aimed at investigating the effect of local infiltration analgesia LIA with ropivacaine on postoperative analgesia for patients undergoing ankle fracture surgery. Consecutive patients were retrospectively included and analysed according to their medical records from July to August in a tertiary hospital. Inclusion criteria were patients undergoing open reduction and internal fixation ORIF for ankle fractures under general anaesthesia.

The primary outcome indicator was visual analogue scale VAS from 8 hours to 48 hours after surgery. Secondary outcomes included postoperative opioid requirement, need for rescue medication, opioid-related adverse effects, and wound complications. In total, 89 consecutive patients were included in the study.

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To date, human cases of ORO fever have been confirmed in Trinidad, Brazil, Panama and. Peru. strains of JC and 0n01 % between strains of LAC viruses). Thus, We are grateful to Haolin Ni and Lia Baros for help during the early.

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To date, there is a gap in the data about the state and mass balance of glaciers in the climate-sensitive subtropical regions during the Little Ice Age LIA. Here, based on an unprecedented tree-ring sampling coverage, we present the longest reconstructed mass balance record for the Western Himalayan glaciers, dating to

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Continue to access RSC content when you are not at your institution. Follow our step-by-step guide. Ke hull. The electrochemical EC reduction of CO 2 is a promising approach for value-added fuel or chemical production.

gies to climate change are the most comprehensive and up-to-date reports available on the subject, and form the After confirming in the first volume on “​The Physical Science from prominent Little Ice Age (LIA) moraines in several steep Allan, J.C. and P.D. Komar, Climate controls on U.S. West Coast erosion.

WUHAN, China — The mysterious coronavirus that has killed at least four people and sickened more than in China is capable of spreading from person to person, a prominent Chinese scientist said on Monday, adding to fears of a broader epidemic. The disclosure increased pressure on the Chinese government to contain a growing public health crisis, just as China enters its busiest travel season of the year.

On Tuesday, the authorities confirmed a fourth death from the illness in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. The authorities had previously said the deadly virus seemed capable of spreading only from animals to humans in most cases, tracing the outbreak to a market in Wuhan. But in recent days at least two people have become infected with the pneumonialike virus even though they live hundreds of miles from Wuhan, experts said on Monday, suggesting that the illness is spreading from person to person.

Zhong Nanshan, a scientist who is leading a government-appointed expert panel on the outbreak, said in an interview on state-run television on Monday. Millions of Chinese are traveling this week for the Lunar New Year holiday, adding to fears that the virus could spread swiftly and on a broader scale. Experts said the severity of the outbreak would now depend on how many people, on average, a person with virus could infect. Also on Monday, the authorities reported that new cases had been detected for the first time in Beijing, Shanghai and the southern province of Guangdong, all hundreds of miles from Wuhan.

Cases have also been reported in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. In many of these cases, people infected with the virus had traveled to Wuhan. Here is what we know about the virus, where it has been found, how it is spreading and what precautions are being taken:. The government of Wuhan first confirmed on Dec.

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We estimated lichen growth rates of individuals of genus Rhizocarpon, section Rhizocarpon, at two glacier-proximal sites for which independent age estimates were available. These two sites, Lake Shore and Moraine A, presented lichen mean annual growth rates of 0. We applied these growth rates to two sites lacking previous dating control: Bedrock and Moraine B, and obtained minimum ages of 70 and years, respectively. Our results allow us to confirm that there is a quantifiable relationship between Rhizocarpon size and age of the substrates in this environment.

Based on this result we develop age estimates for sites of unknown age in Mount San Lorenzo. We discuss the factors that possibly determine the variability in the growth of Rhizocarpon in our study sites and compared them with those described in the literature. Lichenometry is a technique that is used to establish the age of substrates by measuring the radial growth of lichens growing on the surface of that substrates Beschel , Innes In South America, few studies have used this technique.

This age-estimation technique is particularly valuable for dating rock surfaces on glacial landforms in polar and high alpine environments, where other techniques cannot be used or have insufficient temporal resolution. For example, 14 C dating requires the presence of suitable organic material, and is imprecise for ages younger than ca. Dendrochronology requires woody vegetation growing on the sites and, if present, ages limited by the maximum age of the plant species and by forest fires.

In addition, the age estimates for glacial landforms based on the colonization of pioneer plants usually underestimate total ages due to ecesis, the unknown time interval between surface stabilization after ice recession and the establishment of the first pioneer vegetation. Other information sources on past environmental conditions such as historical documents or photographs are limited in remote environments and may contain errors associated with authors subjectivity and poor dating information Lock et al.

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To date, no disposable paper-based devices have been developed that successfully Amplification results were confirmed by 2% agarose gel electrophoresis Linnes, J. C.; Fan, A.; Rodriguez, N. M.; Lemieux, B.; Kong, H.; Klapperich, Jackson B. Bennett, Li-Kai Lin, Lia A. Stanciu, Jacqueline C. Linnes.

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