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Nov 17, – So, one of my obsessions with managing a blog is to see what my stats are. Where people are coming from, what search terms they use to find.

Anthony Carrino is the man who carries with him the name of being not only a television personality. Instead, he stands out from the crowd and has been successful in staying in the heart of many as a home makeover expert, real estate developer, and photographer. So, they jointly did this show called Kitchen Cousins where they would design modern kitchens for people who appeared on the show.

After doing two seasons of this show, it was changed from just working with kitchens to entire remodeling homes which were retitled Cousins On Call. Then in , the show was again extended to the second season. They also worked with Ellen DeGeneres to start online series, Grand design. Regarding his personal life, he is not as open as his working life. We know pretty much about his professional life, but to have similar expectation from his own life looks like a bad idea. In the meantime, people assume many things.

Some believe that he is a family man with wife and children at home while some think that he must be gay. Anthony frequently used to post photos together with his girlfriend.


John Colaneri is busy finishing his own 4,square-foot custom home nestled into the woods outside New York City. His kitchen boasts a showstopping Ferrari-red Italian range. Colaneri recently talked to us from Jersey City, in a building his family firm, Brunelleschi Construction, is remodeling to house Carrino’s loft and an Italian market and restaurant. He admits the Kitchen Cousins aren’t serious chefs.

Everyone wants to have their dream kitchen, it’s the Kitchen Cousin’s job to make it real! Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri run a New Jersey family construction company that focuses on turning mediocre kitchens into Release date.

Mark: Cousins Undercover. Theresa: Maybe. It is nice to chat kind of one-on-one, because John and I are the dynamic duo. Thankfully we love it, but definitely nice to chat with you guys one-on-one. Theresa: Now, we follow you on Instagram and Twitter , and everywhere. Anthony: John is an adventurous guy. The one thing he does not do is two-wheel adventures. Anthony: We went dog sledding up there.

Kitchen Cousins Star Anthony Carrino Is Engaged! Meet His Former Rockette Fiancée

The New Jersey natives grew up in the construction business and have business-related degrees, but somehow they keep finding themselves back in the kitchen. In their re-dos, bright orange or yellow panels might replace dull cabinetry. And rather than white subway tiles, the cousins might use stainless steel or colorful crushed glass. Lighting is one of the biggest key elements—even the lightbulbs. They claim to last 25 times longer than an incandescent, now offer soft white illumination, have top vents to prevent overheating, and come in a high-tech version that can interface with your smartphone.

Desperate Kitchens, which is currently filming in Sacramento, Nashville, and Austin, will move around the country air date not yet announced.

Join contractors and cousins John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino for amazing renovations, as seen on HGTV. See exclusive videos from the series, plus take in​.

Trust me, I come prepared. I come to play. I come to win. I had actually introduced myself to a celebrity I was about to interview without having a game plan, a line of questioning or even a basic strategy. And this had never happened to me. Not even once. Not even a little. She was instantly familiar—sarcastic, playful, real. And she appeared to be—wait for it— nice. Genevieve Gorder was born on July 26, , in Minneapolis and is the oldest of three children she has two brothers.

She attended Minneapolis South High School, where she excelled at soccer and the violin. Ten gin. Then came Trading Spaces.

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He wasn’t only adored but, also admired for being such a loving boyfriend as well! I planned a simple date night out. We went out to dinner in Brooklyn and walked around Battery Park. When asked how they kept his relationship stable and happy, Anthony explained We have kind of the same career and there’s never a lack of anything to talk about.

Television star, single mom, passionate girlfriend—HGTV’s reigning queen, Genevieve Anthony Carrino and I, he’s one of the Kitchen Cousins. Everyone said he was asking me out on a date, but I thought, “No, he’s not.

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The Averys sued Colaneri, Carrino, and Carrino’s Brunelleschi Construction for breach of contract, fraud, and other wrongdoing related to the alleged renovation, the report states. Colaneri and Carrino became regular characters on the home improvement network following the success of their show “Kitchen Cousins.

David L. Stevens, a Wayne lawyer, told The Record the pair should never have been named individually as defendants in the case as it has “nothing to do with them personally. Brunelleschi Construction is headquartered in Jersey City. On its website, the company calls itself a “premier urban developer of mixed-use and adaptive re-use properties.

Austin Food & Wine Festival – Q&A with HGTV’s Cousins Anthony Carrino instant gratification is becoming the norm, and dating is swiping left and right.

They are not only first cousins, but also best friends who have helped many families throughout the country. Their love for design and construction is a passion they have had since they were children. Anthony and John want all children to dream big and know anything is possible with their imagination. Learn more at AnthonyCarrino. Search Keyword:. What Can You Do with a Toolbox?

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While construction and renovation are the mainstays of their business, designing and building dream kitchens is their passion. Throughout the series, the cousins will remodel desperately troubled kitchens — turning each one into a work of art. Source: HGTV. Black Clover Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church and have been inseparable since.

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The Cousins. “The Cousins, John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino, are the hosts of HGTV’s America’s Most Desperate Kitchens, Kitchen Cousins, Cousins.

Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the PopCulture. Kitchen Cousins ‘ Anthony Carrino has plenty to celebrate recently — and the know-how to help others do so too! For Carrino and his family, the day is always cause for celebration. Making a stop at Lowe’s , with which Carrino is currently partnering, is also key, he insisted: “The right appliances and tools are big keys to success, too for example, I love this Weber Stainless Steel Tool Set , which comes with the main tools every griller needs: a spatula, tongs and fork.

Depending on the type of grill you have, make sure you stock up on the necessities as well, like charcoal! This Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal is all-natural and can burn for up to 18 hours. In addition, he recommended, “Do yourself a favor and get a grill that can not only get the job done, but make your life as the host easier. For more of Carrino’s helpful tips and awesome renovations, watch for his upcoming digital series, found at thebuild.

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